Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kirk Cameron Masterclass - How to Witness to a Catholic

I have mentioned on earlier posts how much I respect Kirk Cameron as an authentic Christian who actively shares the Gospel. Just over three years ago on "Way of the Master Radio" Kirk was in the studio and a Catholic guy named Tim called in asking some questions. What followed was an amazing fly on the wall experience of listening to a born again Christian witness to a Catholic with tremendous wisdom and knowledge of the Scriptures.

This is a brilliant case of turning on the light instead of exposing the darkness. Kirk never points out to Tim the erronous doctrines of Catholicism but rather explains the Gospel with clarity and Tim joins the dots. Click here to download the podcast and hear the encounter. It starts about four minutes into the program. Kirk teaches us that we can lead a horse to water, and while we can't make it drink, we can salt his oats.

But the story doesn't end there! It was very apparent that Tim was massively convicted. As Tim got off the phone they pleaded with him to think long and hard about their conversation. Well Tim did think long and hard and actually called the radio show back about a week later. Download this podcast and find out what happened to Tim. Tim calls at 26 minutes into the program (have a box of tissues handy).

Pay particular attention to Tim's hunger for God's word and desire to witness to others - generally strong indicators of genuine conversion.


just an earthen Vessel said...

This could not have been posted to my friend's FB page @ a more appropriate time. I am a caregiver for a woman who is in rehab right now. As I have been @ the rehab I have been drawn to a gentleman and had a chance to open up the word to explain the Gospel to him. He is having a hard time w/ the fact that there is no 2nd chance after death.He is a "back~slidden" catholic as he puts it. I look forward to listening to the witnessing encounter. Thank you and pls pray that the veil will be removed from his eyes. His name is Bill.

Treehouse-Dweller said...

I am so glad I found this post. My boyfriend was raised Catholic, but has never had his first communion. The guilt he's experienced over the years has recently been a real stumbling block not only in our relationship, but in his own relationship with Christ. I cannot wait to share the podcasts with him.

Petra7 said...

Hello all Brethren, Can you help me ?: My daughter is unfortunately dating a Roman catholic and is being polluted by false doctrine. First will you pray God opens her eyes. Second, she has questions about the faith/works for justification. She references James 2:24-26, Romans 2:6-9 and Gal 5:6. Also, she says they do not actually worship Mary, and does not get the concept that asking departed saints to pray for her. She says they are part of the body and it is like asking a friend to intercede for you! She also questions the Deuterocanonicals and/or apocrypha. She says they are part of the dead sea scroll and the original King James and the Gutenburg Bible. Can you shine some light on this for me? Thank you, I would be forever grateful!

Cameron Buettel said...

Petra 7, this blog post might be helpful:

Also, John Macarthur has some excellent stuff that you can download or check out on youtube.

Also, you can view all my blog posts that feature Catholicism here:

Hope this helps.

R.M. ArceJaeger said...

Petra7, I can understand your concern about your daughter dating a Roman Catholic, but consider...would you have the same sense of panic if she was dating an agnostic, or an atheist? Whatever else one might think, Catholics are Christians, and belief in Christ and acceptance of His mercy is what unifies us in God. Christ is the Savior of the world, and through Him there is everlasting life!

As to whether Catholics worship Mary or believe that you need faith PLUS works to get to Heaven (neither is true, but it is easy to see why many people believe they are!), or the other issues you pointed out, the answers are often misrepresented by non-Catholic faiths. I address (or will address) all of these topics in my blog category: Christianity & Catholicism, and provide in-depth, easy to understand answers. I encourage you to read the posts, simply to better understand what your daughter is learning. You don't need to believe in what Catholics believe yourself, but hopefully it will take away some of that mystery and confusion that makes Catholics seem so scary.

Cameron Buettel said...

RM ArceJaeger, Catholicism and Christianity are two different religions. Catholicism teaches works righteousness and is a road to damnation. Please read this post


Jbrodeur said...

The links to the podcast are not working can somebody please give me a link that does work so i can hear tims 1st call vs his last call .

Cameron Buettel said...

Jbrodeur, I am sorry but the links have been taken down and I cannot find them right now. I will tell you that the episodes you need to track down are Way of The Master Radio May 8 2006 Hour 2 and May 19 2006 Hour 2. Sorry I can't be more help right now but the audio is totally worth the listen.

Joel said...

Can you let me know if you find the link and email it to me? Thanks, Joel jgposner@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Anyone looking for the WOTMR second hour podcast from 05/08/2006 can still find it here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link!

Anonymous said...


prady said...

Hi Cameron,
I happened to come across your blog by accident and have now been stuck to it. I am amazed by the pain you take when you come across a wrong gospel(Hillsong series).
I am unable to access the podcasts mentioned in 'Kirk Cameron Masterclass - How to Witness to a Catholic'. Could you please check the links and post the links again.
Many THanks

Cameron Buettel said...

Sorry Prady. If you read through the earlier comments you will find some links. That's the best I can do.

TriangleNose said...

Anyone looking for a working link you can listen here, working July 2014